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Air Ticketing in Nepal

Nepal Airlines Corporation is the one and only Airlines Company in Nepal. The country is rapidly progressing in air travelling than road transportation. Although the country is comparatively very small, due to time restrictions and long journey exhaustions, people have been starting to prefer travelling by air these days. However, international routes are almost impossible through other ways in Nepal.

The country lacks road service maintenance. Due to poor highways, travelling through road transportation has been risky and inconvenient as well. Although private companies that run road transportations are trying to develop their sectors with most possible services, they have not been able to beat the services provided by airways. Native people of the country can however adjust with inconvenience created out by road transportations, but tourists who come to Nepal to enjoy their holidays expect most possible services for the price they pay. Such adjustments are not entertained. This is why travelling through airway is recommended than roadways in Nepal.

There are various airline companies in Nepal that provide a good bunch of services. Buddha Air, Simrik Airlines, Yeti Air and Agni Air are some of the major airline companies of Nepal. These companies provide better services with reasonable airfares. They connect the capital city of the country with various other major cities of the country and a lot of international destinations too.

Nepal Domestic Flight

Min Flight Time
Max Flight Time
20 Minute
1:45 Minute

We can arrange domestic flight ticket for any destinations of Nepal in cheap price. We make reservation for these domestic airlines
(Buddha Air, Agni Air, Yeti Airlines, Sita Air, Guna Air, Tara Air )

International Flight

Airlines in Operation

Kathmandu is the hub for direct flight to Tibet, Bhutan, India, China, Thailand, Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, South Korea, Japan, Baharain, UAE and other Asian Countries.
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